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Power Systems
Photo: Johan Olsson

Nordic Early Warning Early Prevention System

Reseach project with the objective to develop and demonstrate methods for monitoring and contorl of the Nordic Power System.
The project is conducted as a Swedish-Norwegian collaboration, under the lead of the Transmission System Operators Svenska kraftnät & Statnett.

The project contains: Identification and mitigation of voltage instability and power oscillations, utilisation of PMU data, and data platform for information, communication & visualisation. 

The goal of the project is to provide improves posibilitites for grid operators to identify and mitigate the instability phenomena which may occur. 

Background to the project is related to the needs of the Transmission System Operators to more often operate the power system closer to its technical boundaries. This is connected to the energy transition, with increased electrification and renewable generation, and results in increased risks regarding different type of instabilities. 


Project name




RISE role in project

Project partner

Project start


4-year project


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Svenska kraftnät, KTH, Statnett, SINTEF, NTNU



Project members

Emil Hillberg

Contact person

Emil Hillberg


+46 72 564 95 75

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