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New DNA-based methods for the skin microbiome

We will develop and validate robust DNA-based methods (qPCR and NGS) to quantify bacteria in the skin's microbiome. The project provides the basis for studies of the skin's microbiome to study, for example, the effect on the composition when applying different skin care products.

It has long been known that the human body is colonized by a diversified microbiome consisting of bacteria, archaea and fungi. In addition, it is well documented that imbalances between naturally occurring microorganisms caused by, among other things, antibiotic treatment have a crucial role in several skin diseases.

In order to study the composition and change of the microbiome, there is a need for sensitive and robust methods of analysis. The use of quantitative PCR (qPCR) and large-scale sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized our understanding of the composition and richness of skin flora over the past ten years. The research on maintaining a well-functioning microbiome on our skin when using skin care products is a relatively unexplored area. There are several descriptive studies based on qPCR and NGS of the body's microbiome, but since the composition and richness of the microbiome varies significantly between different skin surfaces, it is not possible to draw general conclusions about the microbiome's influence on a particular product or substance.

Although the skin contains a large number of microorganisms, the presence of an excess of human DNA makes it difficult to apply DNA-based methodology, this is especially true of NGS. Some DNA-based methods are also sensitive to the presence of disruptive substances in the samples, e.g. from skin care products applied to the skin. These challenges mean that optimization work is necessary to get well-functioning and robust methods. Standardized methods for this purpose are often missing.


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DNA-based methods for skin microbiome



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