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Fossilfritt flyg i norra Sverige

Fossil-free aviation in northern Sweden

The project Fossil-free aviation in northern Sweden is part of the work when it comes to gathering more knowledge in how aviation can be converted to fossil-free fuels. One goal of the project is to both identify and clarify the measures required to achieve the national objectives of developing a fossil-free aircraft.

In order for aviation to be able to switch to fossil-free fuels, more knowledge is needed about how it should be implemented. The project Fossil-free flight in northern Sweden is part of this regionally, nationally and internationally important work.

The project is a feasibility study. The overall goals are to analyze and evaluate the conditions for the conversion to fossil-free aviation in a follow-up project. 

Activities to achieve the goals

To achieve the goals of the project, a number of different activities have been developed:

  • Develop a compilation of knowledge about the conditions for biofuel, electricity and hydrogen at and at airports.
  • Identify conditions for realizing value chains from sustainable raw materials to aviation via electricity, hydrogen and biofuels in northern Sweden, and develop proposals for activities to remove obstacles.
  • Identify the need for ground-based measures next to and at airports to achieve fossil-free flights, based on various fossil-free alternatives.
  • Develop methods to strengthen the demand for biofuels for aviation.
  • Prepare an action plan for the introduction of a regional electric aviation network, based on a case study on an electric airline between Umeå and Östersund.
  • Make available and disseminate the project's conclusions and insights for benefit throughout the country.
  • Develop a comprehensive regional roadmap for a fossil-free domestic flight.

RISE part in the project 

It is RISE Processum in Örnsköldsvik that leads and participates in activities that result in an in-depth mapping of the actors that are relevant for realizing a large-scale production of SAF, with a focus on production in northern Sweden, and a description of existing or possible future business models - from the actors' perspective. This includes a description of the technical conditions in all necessary parts of the value chain, for different alternatives / technology tracks of supply of SAF and a mapping of ongoing activities, relevant to northern Sweden, for development and implementation of the various technology tracks. 


Project name

Fossil-free flight in northern Sweden




Region Västerbotten, Region Västernorrland

RISE role in project


Project start



Total budget

Approx 11 000 000 kr


RISE, Biofuel region, Swedavia



Project website


Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

13. Climate action
17. Partnerships for the goals

Contact person

Jonas Markusson

Senior Projektledare

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