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FAIRCHAIN seeks to enable small and mid-size farmers and food producers to scale up and expand production of nutritious food through competitive intermediate value chains at the local and regional levels. In Sweden, we focus on the value chain around forest berries.

FAIRCHAIN ​​- Innovative technological, organizational, and social solutions for FAIRer dairy and fruit and vegetable value CHAINs - is a four-year EU-funded project with 22 partners from 8 different countries. The project that started in November 2020.

To address the shortcomings of long and short food value chains while capitalising on their advantages, FAIRCHAIN will focus on the development of intermediate food value chains. In FAIRCHAIN, the benefits of the long effective value chains are combined with the benefits of the short local value chains.

FAIRCHAIN will pilot, test, and demonstrate technological, social and/or organizational innovations with the potential to bridge existing gaps though 6 intermediate value chains:  

  • Development of the wild berry business to boost local economy and social cohesion by using digital technology to facilitate berry picking and develop local business models (Sweden).
  • Conception of a packaging machine for small and mid-size actors for small and medium-sized businesses for packaging fruit preparations / juices (Belgium).
  • Production and distribution of dairy drinks based on co-products of cheese manufacturing (France).
  • Improvement of traceability and information sharing in dairy production (Greece).
  • Co-product valorisation and generation of additional added value for SMEs and regional stakeholders (Switzerland).
  • Establishment of the Food Innovation Incubator (Austira)

Central to the project is that all stakeholders in the value chain participate in workshops based on a common methodology for the project. In Sweden, we work with stakeholders from different parts of the forest berries value chain. In this way, we create a common understanding of different interests that will form the basis for common goals and strategies to bring about real changes.

For the forest berries' value chain, research is underway on how to make it easier to find berries in the forest. SLU in Umeå is collaborating with RISE in this research, which will form the basis for the innovative app we aim to develop. RISE is also responsible for the work on the sustainability evaluations of all case studies in the project.

For more information about the project please visit our website and  sign up for our newsletter for the latest news on FAIRCHAIN. 


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RISE leads the Swedish case study on wild forrest berries. RISE is also responsible for the work on the sustainability evaluations of all case studies in the project.

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48 månader


European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101000723.

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