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eSPARK - Assessing electric scooters' role in the fossil-free transpor

E-scooters have populated cities and led to both positive and negative reactions and it is unclear if they have a role to play in a transport efficient society. There is, therefore, a need for acquiring better knowledge about how and for what purposes these vehicles are used, possible rebound effects, and even environmental impact.

More than 6000 thousand e-scooters had crowded Stockholm city's streets in 2019 and the number has doubled during the year 2020. However, regardless of the drastic growth in the number of scooters, it is still not entirely clear how this type of vehicle contributes to a more sustainable transport system and what role they play in people's daily mobility. 

In this project, we intend to contribute to addressing this knowledge gap through an approach with three different perspectives:

1) Usage patterns: collection and analysis of movement data from 16 cities as well as user surveys and interviews;

2) Resource use: based on data collected, energy consumption and life cycle analysis (LCA) will be done on e-scooters

3) Policy instruments: literature review, interviews with operators, and city representatives will be done to understand the current situation, conditions, and good examples so that e-scooters can contribute to a transport efficient society.




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6 424 200 kr


The Swedish Energy Agency


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Seminar for result presentation (2023-05-12)

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
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