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Internationalization is an opportunity for increased competitiveness. Through the Enterprise Europe Network, small and medium-sized companies get advice and support finding new financing opportunities and business partnerships to expand their market internationally. Enterprise Europe Network consists of nearly 600 organizations in 67 countries.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) consists of nearly 600 organizations in more than 60 countries that work to promote competitiveness and innovation. EEN in Sweden consists of 13 business and research organizations, has offices in more than 20 cities in Sweden and with more than 45 professional business advisors, where RISE is one of the partners.


EEN offers three (free) services to SMEs:

International partnerships – Expertise, contacts and events to connect you with the right international partners to grow your business.

Advice for international growth – Expert advice for growth and expansion into international markets.

Support for business innovation – Solution-driven services to help you turn your innovative ideas into international commercial successes.


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Enterprise Europe Network



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