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Energy Harvesting competence platform

The main challenge for all smart sensor devices is self-powering. We will look into the design methodologies for an energy harvesting system and build a first proof-of-concept demonstrator for a self-powered sensor system based on energy harvesting.

There is a difference between supply and demand regarding autonomous self-powered sensor systems. With the emergence of IoT / Industry 4.0, there is a growing need for data collection and distribution of sensor systems, but dependent on cables and batteries (lack of sensor autonomy) is a big bottleneck. This is a white space that our project strives for fill.

The main challenges of an energy harvesting-based sensor system are the lack of design methodologies and the energy harvesting technologies. In order to have enough financing to solves these challenges, the immediate focus of this project is to strengthen RISE Acreo with national / international projects as well as scientific excellence.

We want to develop a first proof-of-concept design method by building a simple demonstrator for a self-powered sensor system based on energy harvesting. This design method will enable developers to more easily choose between available components and design methods in relation to the restrictions that apply to the specific application.

The energy harvesting technologies will enable sustainable monitoring in inaccessible environments, improved safety when using autonomous sensors in vehicles, reduced need for supervision of machine and increased productivity through preventive maintenance.


Project name

Energy Harvesting



RISE role in project


Project start



Total budget

900 000 sek


Henrik Staaf, Elof Köhler, Sobhan Sepheri, Edoardo Trabaldo, Johan Bjurström, Tomas Björnfor




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Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
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