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Digitalization by Intelligence for PowerElectronic Within Value Chains

PowerizeD is to take the sustainability and resilience of the European energy chain, from generation to application, to a new level and strengthen Europe‘s technological sovereignty.

European Perspective

PowerizeD focuses on intelligence in power electronics and thus want to contribute to the decarbonization of European society and the protection of our climate. 62 research partners from 13 European countries are involved in the major European project with an overall volume of 72 million euros. PowerizeD addresses a new level of technology and relies increasingly on the digitalization of power applications. Infineon Technologies AG initiated the project, is an active participant with several corporate divisions and is also the overall project coordinator.

Application areas

The project partners are focusing on applications from the fields energy and mobility. 17 demonstrator paths are concerned among other things with improvement of drives for the rail industry, charging systems for the automotive industry, liquid batteries for the energy industry as well as drives for the manufacturing industries. The research partners will take an interdisciplinary approach with topics including modeling and Digital Twin, Federated Learning that is lead by RISE, as well as reliability and sustainability.


The newly developed key technologies are to be realized and demonstrated in concrete form, and are to be evaluated in terms of a large number of universally applicable results. 
The immediate project objectives include:
• Reduction of power loss in power conversion by 25 percent
• Extension of the service lives of devices and systems by 30 percent
• Reduction of chip size by at least 10 percent
• Shortening development times by a challenging 50 percent

Press release

Press release (pdf, 179.97 KB)


Project name




RISE role in project

National coordinator

Project start


36 months

Total budget

72 752 837 €


Vinnova, Key Digital Technologies

Project website


Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
Dag Andersson

Contact person

Dag Andersson

Senior Researcher

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