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Decision Support for Component-Based Software Eng/ring of Cyber-Physic

Companies developing cyber-physical systems (CPS) face an increasing difficulty in delivering high-quality solutions fulfilling customer demands within cost and delivery time, as the market requires faster and faster innovation. Current methods for software engineering are insufficient to meet this challenge.

Aim and goal

ORION aims at providing decision support for software component options and services for development of software-intensive systems, in particular for Cyber-Physical Systems, which integrates strategic, tactical, and operational concerns.


ORION addresses the following scientific grand challenge:

"How to make decisions successfully for efficiently using software components or services from different sources to develop competitive software-intensive systems in relation to the trade-off between functionality, time to market, cost, quality, legacy and risk?"


ORION contributes to decision support to manage the trade-off between functionality and different properties (like time to market, cost and quality) to develop competitive software-intensive systems using components and services. Decision support is based on evidence, a knowledge repository, a context and a property model.


ORION brings improvements in the development of software intensive products and services, whether it involves new developments or using existing assets (systems, components, platforms, etc.). ORION addresses decision-making principles, methods, technologies and business models, and hence answers to industry needs and requirements. Five decision areas are in focus from a software engineering perspective:

  1. business and requirements engineering,
  2. non-functional properties,
  3. life-cycle perspective,
  4. architecture, and
  5. implementation and integration, including verification & validation (V&V). 


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Project start


5 år

Project members

Efi Papatheocharous

Contact person

Efi Papatheocharous


+46 10 228 43 36

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