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Cooperation RISE - Forest and wood industry

In order for us to be able to carry out working for sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening the business community's competitiveness and renewal and contributing to innovative development, we need strong networks. To create this network with the wood industry, a collaboration agreement has been concluded between RISE, Swedish wood and TMF.

Within this collaboration, the development in wood technology research are coordinated. The co-operation also assures that necessary competence exist in order to achieve increased coordination, forward-looking activities and external analysis, faster reaction to changes in the world and to be able to initiate strategic initiatives that meet identified needs in a value-added way for the Wood Industry.

To carry out this joint development work, a program council has been formed with the aim of:

  • To ensure the business community's commitment and influence over research focus and strategy in the field of wood industry.
  • Contribute with external perspectives, business needs and insights about future investments, the Program Council can influence strategies and ensure industrial relevance.

In order to gain a broad foothold in the business community, seven competence areas have also been started during this, each with its own reference group to carry out an analysis of the surrounding world and formulate projects, assignments and training.

Area of ​​expertise: Sawmilling processes

Within the area, they work with FoI issues linked to sawmill processes and how these can be made more efficient in the best way. Contact person is Mats Johansson. Within the area, a number of projects linked to measurement of moisture ratio during drying and optimization of the sawmill process have been run. In 2022, the work has been linked to how to make the best use of data from the processes to control them via digitization

Area of ​​competence: Wood manufacturing processes

Within the area, they work with R&D issues linked to the production of wood products for different types of use and how these are made more efficient in the best way. Contact person is Lars Blomqvist. One of the areas worked on during 2022 has been a future analysis of CLT as a material, production and construction technology.

Area of ​​competence: Durability and material development

Within the area, they work with R&D questions linked to how to develop new methods to increase the durability of wood products, but also how to check that the materials have the right durability with regard to many factors such as fire, moisture, decomposition. Issues such as the development of new wood-based materials and products are also discussed within the area. Contact person is Rebecka Ringman.

Area of ​​expertise: Timber Engineering and Circularity

Within the area, they work with R&D questions connected to timber engineering  but also questions about how to create a circular wood value chain. Contact person is Karin Sandberg. In the area, during 2022 work was carried out linked to the classification of how circular wooden buildings that are being built now are. In the area, there are also several projects connected to design for circularity, tall wooden houses, new types of foundations for wooden houses that have a lower climate footprint, etc.

Area of ​​expertise: Moisture safety

Within the area, they work with R&D issues linked to moisture in timber structure and mainly with methods to create moisture-proof structures. Contact person is Eva Sikander. In the area, during 2021 a road map work has been carried out to map together with the industry what the most important development issues are. To make the process more moisture safe, work is also underway on a handbook for moisture safe timber structures together with TCN, where the focus is on how to handle the timber products on the construction site.

Area of ​​competence: Sound and vibrations

Within the area, they work with R&D issues linked to sound and vibrations in timber structures. Contact person is Kirsi Jarnerö. Within the area, during 2022 work has been done on a project to change the measurement standard for measuring acoustics in small rooms. Work has also been underway on which questions in the area are most relevant for further development work.

Area of ​​expertise: Fire safety

Within the area, they work with R&D issues linked to fire safety in timber structures. Contact person is Robert McNamee. Within the area, work has begun in 2022 on wooden facades and fire safety. A study about wooden facades and how they work in the test method that is being discussed to be used in a new common European standard for testing facade materials. Within the area, there is also an institute doctoral student accepted who will work in the area of ​​fire spread on wooden facades.


Project name

Cooperation RISE - Wood industry



RISE role in project


Project start


10 år


Svenskt Trä, Trä och möbelföretagen

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
15. Life on land
Marie Johansson

Contact person

Marie Johansson

Senior forskare

+46 10 516 62 51

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Peter Nordström

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Peter Nordström


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