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Nilar process

AI for increased process efficiency

The project aims to automate the quality inspection process by using AI for increased efficiency and accuracy to respond to the increasing demand and quality requirements from customers.
When errors are identified more efficiently and earlier in the process, it leads to increased environmental and economic sustainability.

Automation is of priority as about 70% of all inspections today are done manually causing cost both in labour and production time.

The project's goal is to demonstrate AI-based process control based on automatic quality analysis in Nilar's and Surahammars Bruks' production that share a similar need to automate the inspection routines, which today require a lot of manual work. The project approach is to use AI algorithms on existing process data in the form of image and measurement data in real time from production flows to detect quality deficiencies in both product and process.

Machine learning and image analysis enable errors to be identified more efficiently and earlier in the process, leading to environmental and economic improvements. Projects aims to reduce material waste by >30% and manual work by >50% in the process step, as well as increase the exploitation of available process information. In addition, production costs are expected to decrease through lower labor costs per unit produced and a higher production rate through automation.

The project aims to implement AI-based quality control in Nilar's and Surahammars Bruks' production showcasing the potential of this new technology in true industrial conditions. The project will work to spread this knowledge and create interest on AI among industry with great potential to lead to new services and business models.

Improved profitability in the industry through artificial intelligence


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Project start


2 år

Total budget

SEK 9 141 000


Nilar , Surahammars Bruk , Sogeti, Level21


Vinnova, Strategiska innovationsprogrammet PiiA

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
Pasqualina Potena

Contact person

Pasqualina Potena

Senior Researcher

+46 72 510 37 25

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