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Maritime research for a sustainable blue business

The ocean is becoming increasingly important from a climate aspect but also from a financial perspective with large investments being made all over the world. The UN has described the next 10 years as an important decade of ocean research for sustainable development, and the need for innovative solutions  can be found within all sectors. Sweden has the potential to take a leading role in the development of sustainable maritime and marine solutions and RISE collaborates with both industry and society to make this possible.

Through advanced research, we support future solutions in subsea technology, energy extraction from waves and wind as well as aquatic food. A circular economy and an ocean in balance may also prove to be the source of tomorrow’s biotechnologies and biopharmaceuticals.  RISE offers you expertise within shipping, renewable ocean energy, aquatic food, marine biotechnology and project management in blue growth and maritime operations.

In 2021, RISE acquired the company SSPA Sweden AB (originally Statens Skeppsprovningsanstalt). SSPA conducts internationally recognised maritime research with high quality and constitutes a strategically important strengthening of RISE's maritime operations.

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