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Formulation of antifouling paint for marine constructions

Antifouling systems are needed to protect manmade structures from marine growth (marine biofouling). Since environmental factors such as salinity and water temperature and situation of use may affect the properties needed by the antifouling system to maintein its efficacy for the right lifetime, a formulation and design development is required for meeting the needs of different situations of use and different final users. The antifouling product may be a material or surface coating which requires different approaches and methodologies in the formulation work.


With small laboratory-scale batches, flexibility can be achieved in the development and new bioactive substances can be evaluated quickly in the field in a candidate paint formulation. In addition, the formulation can be tailored for active substance with respect to erosion and release to the surrounding marine environment. In the development and market lounching of new antifouling paints, both efficacy data and toxicity data on the entire antifouling product are needed, i.e. data on the Active molecule only are not sufficient to register a biocide Product in BPR or similar regulations.

Working in small laboratory scale with access to efficacy and ecotox test we can help you in quickly prove your concept feasibility and save a time and Money consuming trial and errors procedure. In addition, obtaining a tailor-made formulation maximizes efficacy and minimizes the environmental impact of the antifouling product.


Dispersion of the differents components in  the antifouling product plays a fundamental role in its function. We have equipment for dispersion in solution (solvent or water -borne) such as Cowles mixer and Ultra thurrax disperser. Moreover we have experience and equipment for  dispersion in solid in materials and films such as extruders. Evaluation of finished products can be made by cross-sectional analysis (SEM, light microscopy)


The customer receives final report containing a description and evaluation of the formulation developed. After that you can decide if interested in going on with further test in field and laboratory with RISE


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Developing and Formulation of antifoulingproducts for protectino of static and dynamic surface in mainr environment

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Maritime, Material transition, Corrosion, Formulated products, Innovation support, Chemical processes and products


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Delivery time is entirely dependent on complexity and what properties the formulation is expected to have. Contact us for more specific information


Information about antifouling product properties such as erosion and washability needs to be discussed before starting

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