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Performance chemistry in papermaking

The field of performance chemistry in papermaking includes finding the optimal use and performance of various functional additives for each case. The desired effects may be increased fibre-fibre interaction and bonding, control of swelling and dewatering, or enhanced mechanical properties of fibres and the produced paper.

Our expertise

The RISE activities within the area of performance chemistry is focused on optimizing additives usage in order to improve the performance and convertability of paper and board materials. The solutions often need to be case-specific, as the synergy between the functional additives and the fibre material but also with other components present in the wet end, is crucial to achieve the optimal effect of all additives. RISE’s research and measurement equipment enable control of the use of chemical functional additives in each step from lab to pilot scale.

Many activities have also been related to the introduction of new technologies or novel dosage strategies, such as polyelectrolyte multilayering or the production and use of polyelectrolyte complexes for use as strength additives.

Another focus area in recent years has been the topochemical surface modification of fibres in order to boost fibre-fibre bond strength, sizing performance and the performance of wet-end additives and strength additives in general.

What we offer

Performance chemistry in papermaking works in large part with improving the strength-density relationship.  We work with case-specific solutions to improve paper strength while preserving bulk.

We can optimize a strength system based on fiber and product quality and performance requirements.

We work closely with our clients to ensure value creation.

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