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Microbiological safe and shelf stable food

<p>Food must be safe and is also expected to be durable!!&nbsp; RISE offers a number of services and tools to design for a microbiologically safe and&nbsp;shelf stable&nbsp;product.</p>

RISE possesses extensive expertise in the areas of microbiological risk assessment and disease tracking in food processes. This practical and theoretical knowledge has been built up through own research and also largely in close cooperation with the industry in applied research and assignment Projects.

The knowledge is useful in the development of a new product in order to be able to assess whether the food can be expected to be safe and durable. Another use is when a company wants to identify preventive measures to avoid the spread of pathogenic and abusive microorganisms or to troubleshoot problems already encountered in a Product.

We offer you as a customer to work with us on questions regarding:

  • Risk assessment and modelling – comprehensive theoretical assessment of the conditions for growth, death and/or survival of relevant micro-organisms in the food
  • Troubleshooting of microbiological problems and microorganisms ' pathways in a food process
  • Shelf Life studies of existing product to answer how long a food can be stored without becoming a spoiled
  • Challengetest – bacteria, yeast and/or mold is fed to the food to evaluate whether the product is microbiologically safe and durable
  • Product development – How does the properties of the product envisaged affect microbiological quality?
  • Residual products/tributaries – how can they be made microbiologically safe for consumption?
  • Hurdle technique-How to combine different factors such as temperature, pH, AW etc. To obtain a safe product with good microbiological quality?

More information

At our microbiological BSL2 approved lab, we work among others with:

  • Listeria, Salmonella, Campylobacter, mold, yeast and viruses
  • Microbiological cultivation, detection and identification
  • Traditional and molecular techniques
  • Food and environmental sampling
  • Experiments in lab and pilot scale

On regular basis we offer courses with theoretical and practical parts within food microbiology and  identification focusing bacteria, yeast and mould. 

Upon request we design and offer courses within our expertise.


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