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Information and communication within total defence

Information and communication are fundamental parts of the total defence. Without working IT systems, the operations upon which society is based will not work. It is therefore important that society succeeds in preventing, detecting and managing risks and incidents in the systems.

Information and communication within total defence

Modern society relies on IT systems. Without them, many critical functions, such as energy supply, communications and financial services would not function. Although digitalisation enables a better world, society must have the ability to prevent, detect and manage risks and incidents in these systems.

Hostile actions and attacks are more common

Hostile actions against public and private actors as well as Swedish citizens are becoming more common. We witness attacks through propaganda and disinformation, disruptions in critical infrastructure, espionage and data leaks. To be able to prevent these attacks, increased preparedness and ability is essential. This covers everything from management and organization to handling crises and intrusions.

We prevent by know-how

The most important component in a society´s defence, its digital systems and its information and communication is know-how. We are not aware of where the next crisis will occur, but we can train people to see weaknesses and risks in the systems. We can train people to build sufficient redundancy and we can prepare them for the day they need to act promptly.

Testing the system reduces the risks

According to this, we can study our systems and eliminate safety risks. This is done by testing the systems, building backup plans and ensuring that components are keeping the measures. Likewise it is important that the systems do not compound component risks.

Research within information and communication

RISE conducts research aimed at creating a safer digital world. In this way we contribute to a more resilient society. We manage projects on everything from secure IoT and cloud solutions, cybersecurity, secure autonomous vehicles and privacy-preserving identification in order to minimize the impact through disinformation. Researchers at RISE are looking at behavioural change among users of public systems. The research also increases knowledge on how personal data is used and how this development is viewed by the population. The test beds at RISE provide opportunities for both testing systems and training individuals.

Research for a resilient society

With research, development, and innovation in these areas, RISE contributes to a resilient society and increased preparedness. We help to increase society´s ability to cope with change as well as recover and continue developing. At the same time, we contribute to an increased ability in society to resist anti-democratic forces. In this way, we contribute to the stability and vitality of Sweden's democracy.

Example of RISE work within the area

  • We contribute with research, development and test and demo facilities as well as training in the cyber area through Cyber Range
  • We support authorities in total defense with applied research in a number of different areas, such as protection against information influence in the PODIUS project together with the Swedish Psychological Defense Agency.
  • We support innovation management in crisis in collaboration with authorities, in projects such as “School at Home”
  • We develop closer collaboration with central players and undertake various activities to strengthen information and communication in total defence.
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