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RISE Security - Certification of Security products

RISE has a broad range of services for security products, we cover Svenska Stöldskyddsföreningen (SSF) standards as well as European (EN) standards – From digital locks and IoT products to doors and alarm systems.


What is security?

The word security often means to protect from something, and historically this has meant different physical and mechanical forms of protection, like a door, a lock or a vault. As things have evolved, we have increasingly started to use electronic products, such as alarms and surveillance cameras to protect from intrusions and burglary. Things do not stop there, as with digitalization there are new risks and new words such as “hacker attack” and “cyber security”. One of the unique aspects of digital intrusions is that they transcend borders and are not limited by geography, in the way that a physical burglary is. There are many good reasons to certify products and for us it is obvious that security product should be certified. A certificate is an attestation that an independent third party has verified the characteristics of the product. While a certificate is often a requirement in procurement negotiations, a certificate from RISE also has value in marketing.


The road to certifying a product starts with an application sent together with the necessary documentation for the product in question. After reviewing the documentation RISE will together with the customer plan the necessary activities. When the requirements have been fulfilled the certificate will be issued.

Our services

RISE SPCR 177 “Certification rules for Standards issued by Swedish Theft Prevention Association”

As an approved certification body by the Swedish Theft prevention association (SSF) we can certify a broad range of products such as digital lock units according to SF 3523, Internet of Things products according to SSF 1120, fixed mounted lock units according to SSF 3522, secure cabinets according to SSF 3492, roller curtains and grilles according to SSF 012. For a full list of all the SSF standards we can certify against, please see SPCR 177.

RISE SPCR 201 ”Certification rules for security products”

An accredited certification for pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters according to EN 1627, Safes, ATM safes, strongroom doors and strongrooms according to EN 1143-1, deposit systems according to EN 1143-2, padlocks according to EN 12320, secure storage units according to EN 14450, control and indicating equipment and power supplies for alarm system according to EN 50131 and supervised Premises Transceiver for alarm systems according to EN 50136.

SPCR 187 “Certification of doors and windows according to PAS 24”

An accredited certification which allows the certificate holder to obtain a license with Secured By Design (SBD) in the United Kingdom. This certification includes doors and windows and is based on British standards as well as the British building regulation. The certification process is extensive and besides the security aspect, characteristics such as windload, air and water permeability, thermal transmittance, durability, material quality and others must be verified through testing and documentation.

CR070 ”Building hardware for doors and windows”

An accredited certification for electromechanically operated locks according to EN 14846, cylinders for locks according to EN 1303, mechanically operated locks and locking plates according to EN 12209, lever handles and knob furniture according to EN 1906 and mechatronic cylinders according EN 15684. The certification includes additional characteristics such as function, durability, suitability for use on fire /smoke resistance doors and more.

We can perform penetration tests (PEN test) on products where cyber security is a requirement and all the necessary mechanical and electric testing required for certification. See links to our laboratories further down this page.


Upon project completion a Certificate that the product(s) fulfils the requirements in RISE certification rules and the relevant standard(s) will be delivered. The Certificate will also be published on RISE webpage for the duration of its validity and the customer will have the right to mark and market the products as “Certified by RISE”.

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