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Democracy and digitalization

The digital transformation of society affects us all in many ways, and also our democracy. Our democracy isnt static and must develop and adapt to meet the needs of our time and the future. To strengthen democracy and society, research, innovation and development are important dimensions.

Democracy is under continuing change and development. Digitalization is one of the stronger driving forces for change in our time and it creates both opportunities and challenges. Digitalization can enable better possibilities to meet, make decisions and develop the tools, methods and and processes of democracy. But simultaneously, digitalization challenges democracy through threats such as desinformation, hate, digital divide and cyber threats.

We who work with democracy and digitalization at RISE meet these challenges and opportunities with a transdisciplinary competence where social, societal, technical and judicial perspectives meet. Our competence creates opportunities for change and transformation through applied research projects and exploratory work in cooperation. Our competence supports and develops our partners work for a strong democracy. We work to mitigate the risks digitalization bring to democracy, as well as strive to engage in explorative and future looking work to utilize the possibilities digitalization can have. 

Carl Heath

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Carl Heath

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