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Foresight - plan to meet the challenges of the future already today

Foresight supports business, public authorities, cities, sector organisations and multi-stakeholder consortia to work with uncertainties, transitions, and long-term challenges. The participatory processes encourages new thoughts and ideas,supports common understandings, and inform strategy and strategic planning.

Foresight is an important part of strategic planning that can help illuminate the complex questions and choices crucial to navigating the future. Foresight work can also inform and complement investments in new technologies and innovations through analysis of their role in broader transitions happening in society and the economy. RISE frequently employs foresight methods in work related to sustainability and the transition to climate neutral and circular systems, technologies, and value chains, but we also use foresighting methods in working with other transitions related to digitalisation, industrial restructuring, demographic and behavioural change, and more.

Methods such as scenario analysis, visioning, and trend analysis can improve understanding of the external context for a business or technology.

Our foresight work is built on interaction with customers and engagement with a diverse group of stakeholders and experts. We combine interactive formats such as workshops, interviews and surveys, as make use of innovative tools such as serious gaming to help make complex questions more tangible.

For whom?

Foresight is just as relevant for individual organisations as for cooperation between actors that face grand challenges, and need to enable more effective cooperation and take on transformation.

In partnership with RISE, business, public sector, cities and regions (among others), can expect custom projects and assignments based in real world needs.

  • RISE offers experienced process-leaders, method knowledge, and thematic and technical expertise
  • RISE is an independent research institute in the middle of the swedish innovation innovation system, with local presence, working with the needs of business and public sector, societal challenges and transition
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