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Design for Systemic Transformation

Value-based, design-driven processes to enable transformation that creatively handles societal challenges from a system perspective.

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Complex societal challenges require approaches that are able to deal with the complexity of the systems that we address. Our expertise “Design for Systemic Transformation” is based on design and design research and involves expertise such as creative innovation, artistic interventions, digital ethics, organizational transformation capability, and design for transforming practices. 

We use participatory co-creation and prototyping to tackle the transformation of complex systems, such as urban mobility, healthcare, organisational change. We invite actors belonging to different parts of society and take them along a design-driven transformation and learning process, exploring synergies in multiple dimensions. Outcomes can be new ways of understanding and managing challenges and goals, unexpected ways of interacting, new services, policies and business models.

Ambra Trotto

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Ambra Trotto

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