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Sara Renström

Senior Forskare

Tel +46 10 228 42 14


Location Norrköping

Unit Teknologier för interaktion (102502)

ORCID 0000-0002-5108-3948

Sara is intrigued by the interplay between people and artefacts - material as well as immaterial artefacts, digital as well as non-digital. With insights into this interplay, artefacts can be designed that better support sustainability in everyday life. Sara has been designing for a more sustainable everyday life in relation to different areas, for example domestic energy and circular economy/consumption.

During spring 2019 Sara defended her PhD thesis entitled "Participating in Energy Systems through Everyday Designs - Exploring roles for households in a more sustainable energy future".

Sara has a MSc in in Industrial Design Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology/Delft University of Technology and a PhD in Human - Technology - Design completed at the division Design & Human Factors at Chalmers University of Technology