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Cleaning and disinfection

<p>Is it not as clean as it should? Which chemicals or materials are the best? How do you measure cleanliness? How can one resource optimise its cleaning process?</p>

Does your company have a product or a new idea linked to hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, but need help to further develop or test it?  Does your company need to optimise cleaning and disinfection? Is it really clean but with a lower environmental footprint? These are some of the questions we can help answer.

 offers independent evaluation and development of product/technology/materials/routines/services regarding both hygiene improvements and functional properties in lab, pilot or full scale

We offer, among other things, the following services:

  • Cleanability of Process Equipment
  • Formulation & Evaluation of cleaning agents
  • Comparison of cleaning techniques
  • Numerical Purity Analysis
  • Just as clean – but with a lower environmental footprint
  • Efficient Use of resources 
  • Safe working environment 
  • Investigation of cleaning problems
  • Medical devices – cleaning, sterilization validation
  • Biofilm 
  • Hygienic Design 
  • Training 


More information

RISE's accumulated knowledge in the field of cleaning and disinfection is evident from the services offered in the test and demo facility Cleaning Innovation.

The purpose of the testbed is to manage requirements for a small resource consumption in the form of water, chemicals, materials – while it is clean from microorganisms and dirt.

Read more about our services at:.

Eco-smart and effective cleaning and disinfection | RISE

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