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Bioprocesses for resource efficient utilisation of wastewater

Wastewater is a poorly utilised resource.  Our team at RISE aims at making better use of the resources present in waste streams such as process water, by using various bioprocesses not just to purify the water but also to produce valuable products.

Services at present include sulfate reduction, COD-reduction, selective metal precipitation as well as the production of biogas, biohydrogen gas, animal feed, and platform chemicals. Our knowledge in bioprocesses can also be used for other applications.

The ongoing circular transition in the society requires efficient use of resources and safe waste handling. Process water can for example contain metals, sulfate and/or organic compounds. High amounts of sulfate in the process water may form sulfide causing bad smell and corrosion. High amounts of organic compounds/COD require energy intensive water purification and forms a problematic bio sludge. Heavy metals are hazardous for the environment and accumulate in the ecosystem if they are released. Bioprocesses using naturally available microorganisms enable the solution of many waste problems along with efficient utilisation of resources.

RISE have demonstrated experience of using bioprocesses for different applications and hence offer technological as well as business solutions in the areas mentioned below:

  • Energy efficient methods for sulfate reduction combined with metal precipitation and sulfur recovery.
  • Energy efficient conversion of organic compounds to energy carriers like biogas, biohydrogen gas, and/or base chemicals.
  • Expert knowledge in anaerobic bioprocesses and its opportunities and limitations.   
  • Techno-economic evaluations and risk analysis for different bioprocesses.
  • Kinetic modelling of bioprocesses.
  • Infrastructure for screening experiments in the lab to estimate potential, and pilot runs together with partner.
  • Courses in anaerobic bioprocesses and resource efficient use of waste streams. 

We are used to interact with customers and to design relevant processes from specific needs. The broad range of expert areas available at RISE also enable efficient and innovative cross-disciplinary projects.

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Selection of projects

Multibio - Miljötjänster från ett multifunktionellt bioraffinaderi

Biomimic - Innovative biotechnological methods for effective mining of secondary material

SO4Biored - Demonstration of biological sulfate reduction in cold climate


Biological treatment toolbox for Swedish mine drainage

Bioraffinaderi i Skåne: en pusselbit för hållbar regional utveckling

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