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Biobased material development from design to scale up

Sustainable materials play a central role for the future of a sustainable planet, and they are in high demand but short supply. RISE accelerates the process of turning new biobased materials into functional and sustainable products – at scale.

Scaling a small batch of a material from lab to pilot scale poses a great deal of challenges. We take these challenges on by:

  • Optimizing the production process from the scholarly to the industrially viable one
  • Performing pilot runs in the kilogram scale
  • Understanding the effects of scaling up on both material and process.


Our mission is to swiftly scale-up new biobased materials for:

  • Demonstrators
  • Testing in real environments
  • User evaluation.  

Our projects are based on phases for simple and swift planning, iteration, and evaluation. Optimization is always based on requirements and performance indicators, such as product performance, technological feasibility or environmental impact, are identified and prioritized in advance.  

Fail or scale, but do it quickly

Through this concept, we offer a quick evaluation of biobased materials followed by an early user evaluation and application tests. This way, you can quickly find out about the potential of your idea while we can help you with upscaling trials at an industrial scale (10 - 100 kg) meaning you can also reach a higher TRL/CRL level.

Marielle Henriksson

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Marielle Henriksson

Projektledare, PhD

+46 10 516 62 58

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Test & demo

Lignin-based carbon fibre

An environment featuring customised equipment and unique expertise, primarily for developing a value chain for cost-effective carbon fibre, based on lignin from a sulphate pulp mill.
Test & demo


LignoCity is today the only plant in the world with flexible production of tailor-made lignin grades in large enough quantities for upscaling. Lignin has the potential to be used in a wide range of final applications, from biofuel…
Test & demo

Biorefinery Simulation

Unique possibility to evaluate biorefinery concepts under development. Offers process simulation models for processes in pulp mills and for a number of biorefinery processes.

Pursuing commercial production of the strongest nanocellulose fibre

A team of researchers in Sweden invented a process that can produce a unique fibre from nanocellulose. The fibre has unprecedented mechanical strength and rigidity. The goal of this RISE project is to demonstrate that this process…

BioPitch – Swedish forest on football pitches

Artificial football turfs need an infill material of small granules to achieve properties equal to natural grass pitches. With infill the pitch becomes safer to play on. The friction of the mat is reduced and thus the risk for rot…

100 % fossil free construction boards and elements

In many wood-based construction products there are fossil-based components which make the products difficult to recycle. The purpose of this project is to reduce the climate impact from those elements by designing the product for …


Our environmental impact is significantly reduced when we replace products made from fossil resources with bio-based alternatives. In a bioeconomy, all products are made from renewable resources such as raw materials and byproduct…