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Pyrolysis, bio-char and bio-oil

By pyrolysis different kinds of raw materials can be converted into intermediates which in turn can be processed into bio-based or circular materials, chemicals and fuels.

Pyrolysis enables the conversion of different kinds of raw materials, residual biomass as well as plastic waste, into intermediates that can be used to produce bio-based or circular materials, chemicals and fuels. Biochar and bio-oil are examples of products from the pyrolysis of biomass. RISE has a solid knowledge in the field and operate several test beds at different scales: analytical pyrolysis, bench-scale pyrolysis and pilot-scale pyrolysis. We can assist customers in both large and small issues.

Yields and quality of the pyrolysis products are affected by both process conditions and ingoing materials. This applies, for example, to process parameters such as temperature and vapour residence time as well as the raw material's origin, size, ash and moisture content. The test beds together with supplementary analysis equipment can be used to study various issues, such as product yields and product composition, based on the customer's needs and issues. We can also make measurements in industrial pyrolysis plants. Complementary combustion and upgrade test beds enable a comprehensive approach and work with entire value chains.

RISE has expertise in pyrolysis of different types of residual biomass and complex waste such as mixtures of plastic waste, composites and tires. We also work with the use of biochar as soil improvement in urban environments and agriculture. 

We can offer: 

  • Theoretical studies and simulations 
  • Technoeconomic studies 
  • Measuring technology, sampling and chemical analyses
  • Experimental tests in our test beds 
  • Process optimization


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