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Applied service research and service innovation

<p>Applied service research implies that we use service logic when supporting our customers and partners to address theirs and societies challenges and enables new types of value offerings that can be the basis for new innovations for a sustainable and competitive Sweden</p>

The boundary between goods and services is fading. We need better knowledge about how we develop the future services that can help address complex societal challenges and increase our transition ability.

To develop services we need to change how we view value creation. RISE supports customers and partners in finding and capturing new values which allow us to be resource-efficient through reduced use of raw materials, increased quality and value of public services or understand how we can share our belongings instead of owning simultaneously as we don’t compromise on the end-users’ needs.

To help our customers and partners RISE applies and develops service research in combination with expertise in design, innovation management, data, digitalization, impact measurement, norm creative innovation and social mobilization. We have experimental resources such as service labs, testbeds and knowledge centers that support the development of new solutions, methods, organizations, and structures. This happens in the interface between the public sector, academia, private and civic society since co-creation, system, and user-centeredness are central perspectives.


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