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Advanced food processing technologies

In the area of advanced processing technologies RISE has a leading position in the field of microwave processing of foods. The area covers technology for both preparation and preservation of foods and biomaterials, and also includes the area infrared processing, pulsed electric fields, innovative freezing technology, ultra sound and powder applications.

Particulate soups of higher quality enabled for ambient-stable storage by using innvoative microwave tubular technology at RISE
Photo:, Hebi. B.
Microwave in-flow processing of pumpable foods offers an alternative way to produce e.g. high-quality particulate foods. The system is pressurized and equipped with a robust control system to facilitate microwave heat treatment of particulate foods at temperatures up to 140 °C (284°F). Pilot-scale trials in the tubular microwave heating system developed by RISE have shown several advantages in food quality in terms of mouthfeel, texture, colour and nutrients.

Areas of renowned expertise are e.g.:

  • process intensification by means of alternative technology, such as microwave and infrared technology, to increase process efficiency in terms of use of energy, water, raw materials and floor space.
  • combination of different avanced processing technologies, e.g. combined microwave-convection heating and combined microwave-infrared processing, for rapid, efficient flexible processing, with the aim to achieve specific food properties e.g. structural properties.

RISE's competence and capacity includes:

Preservation technologies, such as

  1. Pasteurisation 
  2. Sterilisation

Thermal technologies, e.g.:

  1. Microwave  and infrared processing
  2. Advanced freezing technologies
  3. Advanced drying technologies

Non-thermal technologies

  1. Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) treatment
  2. High Pressure Processing (HPP)
  3. Ultrasound processing

Combined process technologies, such as:

  1. combined microwave-hot air, microwave-vacuum technology
  2. combined microwave-infrared or infrared-impingement technology

Preparation technologies

  1. Baking and drying
    • Combined technologies, including combinations of microwave, infrared, impingement and convection technologies
  2. Volume expansion by microwave puffing
  3. Mixing, blending och dispersion
  4. Tempering and defrosting
  5. Denaturation, starch modification etc.

Innovative combined process technologies to achieve desired food quality and/or improved process efficiency (more efficient use of energy, water, raw materials, floor space)

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