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DigiCORE analyzes, concretizes and deepens digitalization

Digitalization and technology development are moving at a furious pace – new methods and capabilities are constantly evolving. But how can a company know which solution is best for a particular business concept or innovation? By enlisting the help of DigiCORE. 

DigiCore, digital collaboration and research, is a lab and testbed in Västerås, established in collaboration between RISE and Automation Region. Operations are centred on the second floor, where a test and demo facility has been constructed.  

– "We started in 2018 with a VR studio and from there we slowly built up DigiCORE," says Larisa Rizvanovic, unit manager within Smart Industrial Automation at RISE. 

There are now over ten different technical solutions divided among four labs. Visitors can learn about technology methods with a focus on connected industry, AI and machine learning, AR and VR, as well as solutions with the focus on innovation.  The aim is to create an experimental workshop of sorts where companies and organizations can improve knowledge of digitalization and which capabilities are enabled by the different technologies. 

– "We show the different solutions you can create in digitalization and the equipment you need, what to keep in mind and the required software," says Larisa Rizvanovic. 

Examining possible solutions saves time and money

Examining what technologies and possible solutions exist first, instead of investing in a specific technology often saves both time and money. 

– "A company often chooses a technology area and starts a project only to discover six months or a year later that it was not the right area," says Larisa Rizvanovic. "If they come to DigiCORE, we can show them the various capabilities, which is helpful in deciding which technology is best suited to what they want to achieve." 

They first must understand the level they are presently at, which technology they should work with and the value their users will gain

Help on different levels

Companies and other organizations can choose the level and extent to which they want to enlist the help of DigiCORE and RISE. If you are looking to gain an overview and examples of different digital solutions, DigiCORE can be a source of inspiration. You can get a four-hour tour of the lab led by researchers, who give you an introduction to the different areas of technology through lectures and demonstrations.

Concretization helps choosing the path

For companies that have come a step further in their digitalization, there is concretization. Concretization entails that RISE analyzes a company's needs and where it is today, and with this as a foundation, we work with the company in developing a company-specific action plan. 

– "Then we help them to choose a concept or a business case," says Larisa Rizvanovic. "They first must understand the level they are presently at, which technology they should work with and the value their users will gain." 

Support in research

The third alternative RISE offers through DigiCORE is Immersion. By then, the company has already decided on the kind of digitalization method they will employ. A longer project will then be initiated in which RISE links in relevant expertise and research. Collaboration results in verified research results that can be used in the organization. 

– "Such a project can range from one to six months or even two years," says Larisa Rizvanovic. "The project is conducted in close collaboration with our researchers, who have major expertise in the technology. In Immersion, you can verify, test, run trials and create a concept." 

For those companies that lack the necessary digital know-how, it is often easier to collaborate with DigiCORE and RISE than to spend time and energy trying to find the right skills in the labour market.

– "Instead of spending time on recruitment, they can come to us and from day one, work with our researchers who really know the technology," concludes Larisa Rizvanovic.

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