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The Swedish Nutrient Platform: Nutrient re­circulation from waste­water streams

The Swedish Nutrient Platform was established to support, facilitate and overcome obstacles to enable a system change where the nutrients in wastewater are part of a clean cycle in synergy with the global sustainability goals.

In order to ensure healthy waterways, fertile soils and food supply, recycling and reuse of nutrients and carbon in organic residual flows from cities and communities is called for. 

To get there, a change at a higher system level, including city, countryside and nature, is required to move from linear flows of nutrients to nutrients in a circular economy.

The Swedish Nutrient Platform creates a space that enables and aids the creation of action research and participatory research to move this transdisciplinary field forward. The platform promotes a cross-sectoral approach to the challenges with sustainable reuse of nutrients by enabling cross-institutional coordination and collaboration; in partnerships within and between different sectors to take steps forward in the right direction and avoid inertia in the transition to nutrients in a circular economy.

The Swedish Nutrient Platform is coordinated by RISE and IVL in collaboration to ensure independent and empirically supported information dissemination and retrieval. The project team keeps constant surveillance of the world and continuously draws relevant knowledge to the platform's information channels through communication with stakeholders, decision-makers and relevant recent scientific studies. 

Together we build collaborative learning.