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Resilient information systems

Resilient information systems are systems designed to withstand and recover from disruptions and threats. By being robust, redundant and capable of rapid recovery, resilient information systems can minimize the negative impact of disruptions and maintain business continuity

To assist in the work of ensuring that society's various information systems are resilient, RISE has started an initiative in the area aimed at creating collaboration between different actors. With the help of an arena for resilient information systems, we can together enable the exchange of experience and skills development to ensure resilience.

In order to strengthen national capacity, the focus area will continuously offer and invite to gatherings of different nature, provide and coordinate a network, conduct external monitoring and in various ways disseminate knowledge and research in the area.

On this page you will find everything you need to be part of strengthening our information systems.

Kristina Söderberg

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Kristina Söderberg


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