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Processum Bioeconomy Cluster

Processum Bioeconomy Cluster aims to safeguard and operate the member companies' interests in Processum and its activities for development in the biorefinery area.

Today, the interest in the biorefinery area is increasing, not only from traditional forestry companies and suppliers of products and services to the forest industry, but also from companies in other industries. The members of Processum Bioeconomy Cluster therefore consist of companies with different activities, but with a common interest in finding and developing commercially interesting processes and products based on forest raw materials or industrial residual streams. The attitude of collaborating in the association and in project form to find interesting opportunities are also something the companies have in common.

Through member meetings, seminars and project collaborations, the Bioeconomy Cluster creates networks and forums for member companies to meet, exchange ideas, create contacts and start projects.

To both benefit from and contribute to the development in the biorefinery area, a membership in Processum Bioeconomy Cluster is a good first step.

The Bioeconomy Cluster has three of seven seats on the board of RISE Processum AB and is also involved in the R&D Council activities. Through the Bioeconomy Cluster, the members therefore have a great deal of influence over the business.

Processum Bioeconomy Cluster currently has 20 member companies and owns 40% of RISE Processum AB


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