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Forest Business Accelerator

Forest Business Accelerator is a collaboration between SCA, IBM, Processum and BizMaker. Here promising companies from all over Sweden who want to develop and exchange their forestry concepts and sustainable technologies are accepted.

The forest has for a long time created great value for us in Sweden. From trees, timber and pulp to modern processing in new industries. Forest raw materials can today be used as a climate-smart alternative for everything from packaging, cosmetics, clothing and fuel.

Research in this area is intensive and the forest industry is a active part to create growth in today's and the futures bioeconomy. By cross-fertilizing forests with digitization and entrepreneurship, we can create new solutions, for both better business and a greener world.

Who can apply?

Companies with great knowledge and with the goal of commercializing their innovation and creating value related to forests, forest industry or forest raw materials.

Focus areas

We are looking for sustainable business ideas where the focus is forest. This means that the forest orientation is a given, but that cross-fertilization with other industries and areas can vary. To qualify for the program, you must have a forest innovation ready or be able to identify the forest as a new market area.

Accelerate your business

The program includes seven months of business development. Based on set goals, business models and strategies, we work together towards commercializing and internationalizing your company's product or service in larger markets.

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The five companies and innovations in Forest Business Accelerator 2020:

Jord Innovation (Östersund)

A biodegradable tealight where metal is replaced with a new, renewable material.

Sandtec (Örnsköldsvik)

An innovative drying process for the forest industry that doubles the energy value of the residual bark product.

Skogr Kaupa (Lidköping)

A cloud service for forest owners for a profitable and sustainable forestry with mediation of ecosystem services and traceable timber from the forest.

Hugo Wikström (Härnösand)

Sustainable fish farming that supplies the paper industry's biofilter with nutrients and at the same time creates a cleaner marine environment.

Tebrito (Orsa)

Develops large-scale automated production of insects for food and feed. The insects are grown on residual streams from the forest industry.

Want to know more about this year's accelerator companies? Here you get a short presentation of each company

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