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Natalie Gustafsson

Innovations- och processledare

Tel +46 10 516 54 85


Location Stockholm

Unit Certifieringsutveckling (104501)

Natalie is a project manager in the field Innovation Management at RISE Certification.

Natalie is passionate about creating conditions for innovation and the projects she is working on focus on how to do this through Innovation Management Systems. Natalie has an academic background from Mälardalen University where she studied at the Innovation Program MTO (Man, Technology and Organization) with focus on organizational psychology.

Her specific areas of interest and knowledge are systematic innovation management, strategy, organization, culture and climate. The common denominator for the projects Natalie is working on is systematic innovation management, which includes these areas.

Natalie works with both public and private sectors, as well as environments with the ambition to contribute to increased conditions for innovation and scaling of the innovation efforts that are being done in businesses today.