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Erik Sindhöj


Tel +46 10 516 69 12


Location Uppsala

Unit Jordbruk och trädgård I (101201)

ORCID 0000-0003-2313-7512

Erik works with research and development of circular nutrient systems and specializes in sustainable manure management and the use of nutrient rich waste streams from society in agriculture, with a focus on plant nutrient flows and the environmental and climate impact. The goal of his research is to increase nutrient resource use efficiency from livestock manure and other organic fertilizers to create sustainable and profitable handling chains that also lead to reducing negative environmental impacts of agriculture.

Currently, there is an imbalance with animal production in some regions that makes it difficult to utilize all nutrients in manure optimally. This has led some agricultural production areas having a surplus of nutrients while others have negative balances, e.g. for phosphorus. Improving the use of nutrients in manure at farm-level is a key element of sustainable manure management, but more advanced circular solutions are now also needed to distribute regional surplus nutrients to areas that need it. Implementation of circular solutions will also make us less dependent on imported synthetic fertilizers.

Erik has a PhD in Agricultural Ecology at SLU and his basic education was in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering from Mississippi State University, USA.

In recent years, Erik has also been involved in the development and evaluation of an innovative method for more humane stunning of animals at slaughter compared to current methods with carbon dioxide or electricity.

Keywords: agriculture, soil, manure, biofertilizer, sludge, processing, carbon storage

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