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Cecilia Lindahl

Senior Forskare

Tel +46 10 516 69 38


Location Uppsala

Unit Jordbruk och trädgård I (101201)

ORCID 0000-0003-3748-3918

I work with research focusing on animal husbandry, animal welfare, animal handling and agricultural occupational safety and health. I also work with issues concerning meat production, meat quality and small-scale slaughter. In the year 2014, I defended my PhD thesis on the subject risk factors for occupational injuries during cattle handling on dairy farms.

Ongoing projects include e.g. improving the work environment in the horse industry, alternative stunning methods for pigs, ultrasound scanning to measure meat quality in cattle and mechanization of horse stables.

Keywords: agriculture, animal production, animal behaviour, work environment, occupational accidents, horse, pig, beef, dairy, hoof trimming