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Trendspotting from RISE

What trends will contribute to the transition to increased sustainability and circularity in society and industry? In our recurring Trendspotting, we have compiled knowledge, insights, research, and intelligence studies from a number of fields/industries. Listen to our Trendspotting and find out more.

The trend reports can be used as part of your basis for next year’s business planning in order to prioritise your future investments and/or to ensure that you have the right skills and capacity for what is waiting around the corner.

Tomorrow's materials and products

We are in a revolutionary time where we are constantly rethinking how we use materials. Navigating this transition, where we also need to manage both the linear and circular economy, poses major challenges. In this annual trend report, we analyze needs, challenges and opportunities in material transition.

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The new energy landscape - politics, conflicts and innovation

Energy issues have rarely attracted so much commitment and been the subject of so much dynamism as now. 2022 has offered record prices for both electricity and fuel, upheavals in politics and policy instruments and a clear connection between energy and security issues. In addition, climate change is proved through record droughts that affect both water and energy supplies. What does the future energy landscape look like and what innovations do we need to implement in order to transform to an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable energy system?

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Material supply for the vehicles of the future

When car dealerships need to manage upgrades instead of selling newly produced cars and much revolves around the development of services for future vehicles, what new business models are needed? How can vehicle component suppliers contribute to the extended use of materials when the service life of a car needs to increase? How will the right material qualities and flows be achieved?

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Climate-neutral cities and communities

We live in an increasingly uncertain time characterised by sanctions, fluctuations on the stock exchange, and increased debate about security policy. In addition, the transition from fossil fuel-dependent to renewable energy sources will need to be accelerated. What trends create new conditions for how we can build climate-neutral cities and communities?

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Sustainable living environments of the future

The coronavirus pandemic and increased climate awareness have changed our fundamental values and lifestyles. Digital technology enables virtual meetings and remote work. Shared ownership and mobility services streamline the use of resources. Optimisation of energy systems and buildings helps in the transition to climate-neutral cities.

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