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Trendspotting - Sustainable living environments of the future

Less organised and more spontaneous voluntary behaviours, local service and mobility hubs, shared instead of owned, and a mobility norm instead of a parking norm for properties. These are some of the things waiting around the corner according to RISE’s 2021 Trendspotting on sustainable living environments of the future.

Download the trend report- Sustainable living environments of the future (In Swedish)

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The Trendspotting was presented and launched during a lunch seminar broadcast live on 4 June 2021. A panel of invited experts discussed the relevance of the trendspotting and the potential affect on the property, building and construction industry going forward. 

The Trendspotting also describes the impact that the coronavirus pandemic may have on the form and function of society in the short and long terms.

The Trendspotting was presented by Kristina Mjörnell, Head of the Sustainable Cities and Communities business and innovation area at RISE.


  • Anders Johansson, Biträdande marknadsområdeschef, Riksbyggen
  • Anita Aspegren, VD, IQ Samhällsbyggnad
  • Johan Bengtsson, Samhällsbyggnadschef, Trollhättans Stad
  • Helena Bjarnegård, Riksarkitekt, Boverket
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Kristina Mjörnell


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Johanna Stål

Kommunikationschef Samhällsbyggnad

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