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Trendspotting – The new energy landscape

RISE publishes its annual trend report in the Energy and Bio-based Economy business and innovation area, this time focusing on the new energy landscape.

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The trend seminar held on 19 October 2022 offered a summary of the trend report with insights and reflections in the form of a brief review of each area and a joint panel discussion.

Energy issues have rarely generated so much commitment and been the subject of so much dynamism as they do now. 2022 has seen price records for both electricity and fuel, reversals in policies and instruments, and a clear link between energy and security issues. In addition, climate change is evident through record droughts that are impacting both water and energy supplies. What does the future hold for the energy landscape, and what innovations do we need to focus on in order to transition to an economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable energy system?

Trends covered in the seminar

When electricity becomes free
Jonas Bergqvist, Head of the Energy Systems of the Future focus area

From linear to circular water use
Lina Lindahl, Head of the Sustainable Water Use focus area

Excess carbon in the atmosphere, carbon deficit in industry
Erik Furusjö, Head of the Biorefinery and Renewable Fuels focus area

Should everyone turn off their lights?
Climate transition – should everyone take part?
Sara Bargi, Head of the Roadmaps for Fossil Fuel-free Competitiveness focus area

Industry in transition – shuffling the deck
Johan Sandstedt, Head of the Industrial Transition focus area


The discussion is moderated by Markus Norström, Head of the Energy and Bio-based Economy business and innovation area