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The cluster conference 2023

The Cluster Conference 2023, Södertälje Science Park, May 9-10

Welcome to the annual Cluster Conference, for the first time in Södertälje, where we also have the possibility to offervisits at Scania's production site. In Södertälje you will take part of presentations from industry and institute, and you will have the same great opportunity to network as at the previous conferences in Katrineholm.

The climate challenges and ongoing electrification lead to new industrialization in Sweden, while resource shortages create great needs for reuse and recycling. Therefore the theme for this year’s conference is: “Circularity – next manufacturing challenges”.

Take part of how the major manufacturers and their suppliers tackle these challenges. Furthermore, results from a large number of research projects on production issues linked to circularity will be shared during the two days conference. You will also get the opportunity to interact with colleagues from the industry and the manufacturing research community.
See the program below

Our vision is to develop economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manufacturing systems that are capable of effectively supplying the market with innovative products of the future. For this purpose, the Swedish automotive industry has initiated a structure for coordination of research and development - The Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters.

The conference is organised by the Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters, in cooperation with leading R&D performers in Sweden: FKG, RISE, SuPr/Södertälje Science Park, Production2030 and FFI.


May 9: There will be a bus from Södertälje south to Science Park for those who arrive with the Gothenburg train that arrives at 09:10
May 10: at 16:30 there will be a bus from Scicnece park to Södertälje south to catch the Gothenburg train, MTR departing at 17:08


With the reservation that it may be fully booked before May 2.

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Quality Hotel Park Saltsjötorget
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2790 kr for 2 nights
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Read more about Swedish Manufacturing R&D Clusters

See the full program (pdf, 326.23 KB)

Cluster Conference 2023
09 May 2023 - 10 May 2023
Science Park, Södertälje, Sweden
4 May 2023

Fee: SEK 1,800 per day. Coffee, lunch and dinner included, exclusive VAT.

Last day of registration: May 4, the registration is binding and invoiced.
The place can be transferred to another person in the company/organisation.

Mattias Philipsson

Mattias Philipsson

CEO, Swedish Plastic Recycling

Mattias has a solid background as a naval officer, marine engineer and civil engineer Industrial economics and has spent the last 20 years transforming waste into a circular resource for the whole society. Right now, he is running the work to complete the world's largest plastic recycling facility, Site Zero, which will make Sweden a world leader in plastic recycling.

Amir Rashid

Amir Rashid

Professor in Manufacturing, KTH

Amir has a PhD in Production Engineering and more than fifteen years of experience in manufacturing industry as well. With strong interest and focus on sustainability in manufacturing, he has a vast experience of leading research at international level, especially through the European framework programmes for research and innovation. Currently he is leading the KTH initiative on circular economy (CE@KTH) and his research team working on circular manufacturing systems.

Lars-Henrik Jörnving

Lars-Henrik Jörnving

Scania CV AB

Lars-Henrik Jörnving, Vice President and Head of Global Industrial Development at Scania, and also the new Chairman of Södertälje Science Park.

Christoffer Wahlborg

Christoffer Wahlborg

Industry Manager Automotive, Stena Recycling

With over ten years of experience supplying recycling services towards a variety of key players within the automotive industry in Sweden, Christoffer has first hand experience of the transition to a circular economy where “waste” has become a true resource and one of the key areas to achieving climate neutrality.

Maria Stenström

Maria Stenström

Senior manager of behavioral changes and mobility , 2030-secretariate

Maria is engaging one of the toughest challenges in Sweden today; behavioral changes to reach the climate goals in the automotive industry. With over 20 years of experience in her field, she has paved the way for more sustainable cities and mobility solutions for a circular world.

Christian Lystrup

Christian Lystrup

CEO and co-founder, Vidde Snow Mobility

Christian is a senior business manager, passionate about developing ideas and concepts into modern businesses. Working with industries such as Consumer Electronics and Automotive, Christian has seen, first-hand, how rapidly consumer behaviour is changing and how brands need to adapt. Some of the companies Christian has been working with are: Volvo, Sumitomo, GoPro, Sony, Bose, Citroën, Mitsubishi, HP, Lenovo, ComHem, and Whirlpool.

Josefina Sallén

Josefina Sallén

Focus Area Leader Circular Transition, RISE

Josefina arbetar som coach och inspiratör för cirkulär omställning. Hon hjälper företag och offentliga aktörer att gå från linjärt till cirkulärt tankesätt, och identifiera och realisera affärsmöjligheter som bygger på att tillvarata jordens resurser. Josefina kombinerar sin industriella bakgrund med den forskning som bedrivs av RISE kring cirkulära affärsmodeller, framtidsadaptiv design, cirkulär materialomställning, digitalisering, hållbarhet, spårbarhet, framtidens energiförsörjning och en rad andra aspekter som har bäring på den lönsamma omställningen till en cirkulär ekonomi.

Staffan Vidén

Staffan Vidén

Vice President, Manufacturing Technologies, Volvo Group

 Vice President, Manufacturing Technologies at the Volvo Group


Day 1 - May 9
Keynote presentations

  • How we solve the plastic recycling paradox
    Mattias Philipsson, CEO of Swedish Plastic Recycling  
  • Circular Economy driven transformation in manufacturing: opportunities and challenges!
    Amir Rashid, Professor, KTH

Panel discussion
Circular economy and production
Strategy Board for the Manufacturing R&D Clusters
Staffan Vidén, Volvo Group, Lars-Henrik Jörnving, Scania CV AB, Hans Egestål, Volvo Cars, Peter Bryntesson, FKG

Parallel sessions

  • Cluster: Production Management
    Strategies and approaches towards circularity
  • Cluster: Component Manufacturing
    Sustainable and effective manufacturing of components and Quality and business in component manufacturing
  • Cluster: Geometry and Quality
    Efficient tolerance settings enable circular production from surface texture to aircraf
  • Cluster: Digital Manufacturing
    Digitalization tools, 3D Printing, Logistics and Coating
  • Cluster: Forming and Joining
    Meeting future challenges in forming and joining 
  • Visiting Scania - Smart Factory
  • Visiting Scania - Engine assembly plant

Day 2 - May 10
Keynote presentations 

  • Towards 100% circularity, together
    Christoffer Wahlborg, Industry Manager Automotive, Stena Recycling AB
  • Circular, shared and efficient - how tomorrow's mobility unites the megatrends of a sustainable future
    Maria Stenström, Senior manager of behavioral changes and mobility, 2030-secretariate
  • The future of manufacturing is circular and resilient
    Cecilia Warrol, Program Manager Production 2030, Teknikföretagen

Parallel sessions

  • Cluster: Digital Manufacturing
    AI and Data-Driven Solutions for Predictive Maintenance, Quality Monitoring, and Energy Management 
  • Cluster: Surface Treatment & Paint
    Surface treatments for more sustainable products 
  • Cluster: Assembly
    Deeper in to the heart of production through optimization, kitting and work instructions
  • Cluster: Logistics 
    Resilient Circular flows 
  • Next generation powertrain production and the innovation programs of tomorrow
  • SuPr - Transition towards a sustainable manufacturing industry
  • Visiting Scania - Smart Factory
  • Visiting Scania - Engine assembly plant
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