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An internationally unique lab for safety-critical battery testing has been inaugurated in Borås

29 September 2023, 05:02

Thursday 28 September marked the inauguration of RISE’s state-of-the-art lab for safety-critical battery testing, which is part of SEEL, the Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory. Here, all types of batteries and battery packs are tested in a controllable, repeatable indoor environment with the greatest possible consideration for the environment. No other lab in the world can guarantee the same advanced purification process, which gives the lab’s customers a great competitive advantage.

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The electrification of society demands increasingly powerful batteries and numerous battery factories are currently being established in Sweden and the EU. But before the new batteries are put on the market, they need to be tested to ensure that they are safe for use and that they meet standards and legal requirements.

“The lab is an open and neutral platform. Here, industry and research meet to accelerate the transition together. We’re convinced that it’s through collaboration that we can gather strength and drive world-class research and development,” says Paul Halle Zahl Pedersen, Senior Vice President for Security and Transport at RISE.

At RISE’s lab for safety-critical battery testing, customers will be able to test all types of batteries and expose them to various stress tests such as extreme temperatures, fire, vibration and mechanical shocks. The lab is explosion-proof, and batteries are pushed to their limit to ensure that they can be approved and are safe for market introduction.

From a sustainability perspective, the lab is unique. Battery manufacturing companies are currently faced with increasing demands for sustainability, and the sustainable testing of their components offers an important competitive advantage.

“The lab for safety-critical testing in Borås is a world-leading facility that demonstrates the greatest possible consideration for the environment. All tests take place in a controllable and fully repeatable indoor environment, and thanks to a state-of-the-art purification system, both flue gases and extinguishing water are taken care of, thus ensuring that the battery testing is as environmentally friendly as possible,” says Michael Rahm, Vice President for Fire and Safety at RISE.

The lab for safety-critical testing is part of SEEL, which with its three new large testbeds creates a unique neutral platform for collaboration and development across borders. This is where academia and industry come together to make real progress towards achieving Europe's climate goals. SEEL is owned by RISE and Chalmers University of Technology, and has four active partners in Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Scania and CEVT.

“The opening of the lab for safety-critical testing in Borås is the third inauguration this September. We’re happy and proud to welcome our customers to three state-of-the-art test environments that will make a big difference in electrification,” says Henrik Svenningstorp, CEO of SEEL.

“It goes without saying that battery technology plays an absolutely essential role in future electrification of the transport sector. This is an area in which we’re investing broadly in both research and education, both together with other universities and in collaboration with industry. The facility in Borås is an important piece of that puzzle,” says Anders Palmqvist, Vice President of Research at Chalmers University of Technology.


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