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Green Transition Leap for companies

The overarching goal of the Green Transition Leap is to accelerate climate conversion and make it easier for companies and individuals to conduct competitive activities compatible with the climate goals.

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Gemensamma krafter

Omställningslyftet är en gemensam satsning från Tillväxtverket, RISE, SISPEnergikontoren Sverige, IUCIVL och SuPr. Projektet delfinansieras av Europeiska Regionala Utvecklingsfonden (ERUF). 

The ambition is for more small and medium-sized companies to gain higher knowledge about how their activities can contribute to the climate goals. They will also be supported in implementing specific measures as well as increase their own capacity for continued renewal. The Green Transition Leap will, among other things, offer needs analysis, workshops and start-up programs that help companies with their unique challenges and opportunities.

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