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Vision and goals - Digitalisation and learning

The ongoing transformation of society, where digitalisation, automation and globalization are changing our entire society, means both opportunities and challenges for the educational landscape. With an increased need for knowledge and innovations to create a sustainable society, our education system faces many challenges. Digital solutions and services, new products and innovations are central if we should be able to offer good education and lifelong learning of high quality. The innovation potential in the field has never been greater.

Through the partnership, we create a context where school organisers and managers in the education sector can develop new knowledge, test products, processes and systems and gain access to external analysis and participate in research in collaboration with experts. The school organisers who participate in the partnership are part of an enriching context and together form a growing competence network that accelerates and contributes to development.

RISE is an independent party with the mission of renewing society and industry. We have knowledge of relevant actors and activities in lifelong learning, digitalisation and innovation both nationally and internationally. In the area of ​​learning, we conduct leading research and development work in collaboration with partners from both the public sector and business and have extensive experience of collaboration with civil society. Our combined knowledge and experience of lifelong learning, transformation and digitalisation creates good conditions for innovation and development.

In the development of schools, there is a continuous need to increase knowledge as well as to benefit from and learn from what other actors and countries have already done and are doing in the field. To let proven knowledge meet innovation and new ideas. RISE possesses the capability in several relevant areas such as processes, transformation and innovation, technologies, user-centered design, interaction, data analysis and open solutions based on standards.