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Projects with sustainability declarations

All work in The Bioeconomy Programme is characterised by developing solutions that supports a positive impact on society. Every project is analysed on how it supports a sustainable society and which of the UN 17 global goals it affects.

Four important reasons for enterprises to invest in sustainability

1. Long term business success

Enterprises can ensure your long-term success by integrating sustainability criteria to your business portfolio. It is becoming increasingly accepted to pay a premium for sustainable products, many organisations have already stipulated sustainability criteria on purchases.

2. Pro-active compliance

Companies in the programme are prepared when new regulations are implemented. With a pro-active mindset risks of negative impact are minimised.

3. New opportunities

Genom att se på all verksamhet genom en hållbarhetslins ges insikter till nya möjligheter.

4. Sustainable positioning

Your company and your stakeholders create collective value with strategies and actions that position you as environmentally conscious.

Making a sustainability declaration for a project

RISE monitor each project to see how they contribute to a sustainable society. These declarations are made continuously and are well incorporated. Both execution and results are accounted for to show how positive impact on sustainability is improved and if negative is reduced. For smaller projects a simplified version of the declaration is used. During 2019 RISE performed 170 simplified declarations and more than 30 in-depth analysis. There are about 30 sustainability support persons who have undergone a specific education to make the larger declarations. The declaration shows how well the project performs regarding the UN 17 global goals.

In line with the 17 global goals

By participating in The Bioeconomy Research Programme, the company is contributing to these global goals.

  • 9.2: Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization
  • 9.4: Upgrade all industries and infrastructures for sustainability
  • 12.5: Substantially reduce waste generation
  • 12.2: Sustainable management and use of natural resources
  • 3.9: Reduce illnesses and death from hazardous chemicals and pollution
  • 6.4: Increase water-use efficiency and ensure freshwater supplies
  • 8.4: Improve resource efficiency in consumption and production
  • 14.1: Reduce marine pollution


For general information on RISE work with sustainability topics and code of conduct, click here.

For more information on the UNDP global goals, click here

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