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Patents and IPR

All participants in a consortium contributes with their knowledge and leaves with a better understanding to apply in operations. Both solutions to long-term research challenges and fast implementations in production can be achieved when forces are joined.

Protecting rights

To perform successful research together with successful companies it is necessary to protect their existing patents, trade secrets and immaterial property rights. One of RISE less spectacular areas of expertise is dealing with rights so all are satisfied and knows what the rules are.  


PCR = many together, AOR = one company + RISE

Within The Bioeconomy Research Programme two expressions and abbreviations are used to separate joint research and bilateral with only RISE, PCR and AOR. 

PCR = Pre Competitive Research

Industrial perspectives of basic research are explored together in joint research. PCR may include monitoring of the latest global development combined with new methodology for testing, analytics, modelling and simulation to create a toolbox available for all partners.

The results of the PCR part are usually owned and published by RISE. At times it is decided to file a patent to ensure the right of RISE and partners to use a result or continue research. All partners in joint research are entitled a non-exclusive right to use the results.


AOR = Application Oriented Research

The knowledge platform that is generated from the Pre-Competitive Research, PCR, can be used for new technical solutions and applications in one or more Application Oriented Research projects. It is often an elongation of the PCR research that is tailored for one partner. Joint research could for example be of a new principle in drying pulp, but each partner develops a customised extension to suite its production line or products. 

When it comes to immaterial property rights and other confidential results the Application Oriented Research projects are isolated from each other. Only the company that joins a specific AOR project has access to all the results. Companies may choose to co-own a patent if it is filed within the agreement period.

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