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About The Bioeconomy Research Programme

Industries in cooperation is a prerequisite for a future economy where renewable sources like wood and agro products replace fossil oil and other finite raw materials.

The world is in rapid change, collaboration and networks are the keys

In change, new knowledge is a success factor, the right knowledge shape industry leaders. In some projects companies along the value chain are gathered, for example a forestry company, a pulp producer, a papermaker and a packaging specialist. In another there may be companies within food waste collection, bio refineries and sellers of lubricants and fuels that collaborate. Companies specialised in process additives or machinery, whose knowledge is needed to make processes more efficient, are invited. Many companies are multinational with a strong Swedish presence, other are based in other continents. In The Bioeconomy Research Programme all learn and develop. To armour together in a network is to armour efficiently for future challenges. 

Click on “Purpose and vision” to the right for information on the incentives that the participating companies have in common. →

Click on “Patents and IPR” for an explanation on how we navigate to ensure immaterial rights to everybody’s satisfaction. →

Read more on how we develop our own project model under “Project model for research”. →

All projects get a sustainability declaration, not all by the same measurements but on a level relevant to project size. Read more under “Projects with sustainability declarations”. →

Fredrik Aldaeus

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Fredrik Aldaeus

Hållbarhets- och kvalitetschef

+46 76 876 71 88

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