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White Paper and peer-review articles within bioeconomy

Why White Papers and articles, isn’t industrial implementation the target?

A scientific approach is necessary to not get lost and reach results that are based on facts. Else a small but vital insights may remain undetected for a longer time. If a research strategy leads to a dead end, there will be alternative routes to explore. Science-based research builds a knowledge base for future innovations.

Near industry research navigate around patents and IPR, some results remain confidential. The knowledge that is possible to release is available here.

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Potential in paper drying – beyond heat and mass transfer

All the mechanical properties that contribute to make paper such a useful material are developed during the drying phase of the production. At the same time, research on paper drying has focused on parameters like heat and mass transfer. This has led to a situation where the link between the drying process and paper properties is poorly understood. There is potential to improve the performance of paper in converting and end-use situations without significant capital investment by addressing this shortcoming. A roadmap for the work that is required to realize this untapped potential is outlined.

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Towards bio-based reinforcing fibers: co-dissolution of cellulose and lignin for fiber spinning

Direct co-dissolution of cellulose and lignin is a recent and emerging technological field of interest, having its importance in the production of bio-based reinforcing fibers such as carbon fibers. The solvents that are able of co-dissolving cellulose and lignin are NMMO, ILs, DESs and cold alkali. Each solvent has its intrinsic advantages and disadvantages.

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