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Purpose and vision

The purpose of The Bioeconomy Research Programme is to assist enterprises to extend visions and identify research areas with a future potential. The vision is a future fossil free society where renewable sources are highly utilised.

Together we generate sustainable competitiveness through industrial research on resource efficiency and value adding processes.

It can be about decisions for a direction and measures for an enterprise to sustain competitiveness in 5 to 10 years. Or identifying and preparing for new rules and regulations that is under way in increasingly complex and dynamic markets.

All that perform research together become stronger.


Competitiveness with a sustainability perspective is created by world class researchers who:

  • Improve material utilisation efficiency
  • Add value to products
  • Develop waste and side-stream materials to valuable goods

Enterprises perform research with us as:

  • The company knowledge base and expertise improves
  • Company R&D knowledge is extended into new areas like sustainability, measuring technology, composite materials etc.
  • International contacts are made
  • Funding is shared with others
  • Results can be achieved faster with more resources
  • New products can go-to-market faster
  • A specific area can be explored with only RISE
  • Existing patents, trade secrets and immaterial property rights are protected
  • Ownership of new patents and IPR is handled according to distinct agreements

There are companies that use RISE as their outsourced R&D department.

Fredrik Aldaeus

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Fredrik Aldaeus


+46 76 876 71 88

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