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Fredrik Arrhén andZoltan Zelenka
Photo: Erik Sjöberg

Big interest in Borås laboratories

09 September 2022, 11:02

Around 70 of Europe's leading experts in the metrology fields of mass, force, torque, and pressure visited the RISE laboratories in Borås on Thursday.

As the National Metrology Institute of Sweden, RISE is one of the members of Euramet, the European metrology organization. The work within Euramet is divided into technical committees, and it was the technical committee for mass and related quantities having it's annual meeting in Borås, hosted by RISE. The meeting was a three day event, covering several topics in the area.

"Borås is a lovely city and we had a good meeting with many interesting discussions where we learned a lot from each other. It's important to finally meet in person again after the pandemic", said Zoltan Zelenka from BEV, the Austrian National Metrology Institute who chairs the technical committee.

170 participants

Around 70 participants have been on site in Borås and approximately 100 people have participated online in the various sessions. As the last session the participants were shown around the RISE laboratories for mass, pressure, force and torque, vibration and dynamic measurements.

“It is always fun to show our colleagues at the other national metrology institutes what we do. The meeting is also an important opportunity to share information and knowledge, have discussions and find potential collaborations”, said Fredrik Arrhén, senior researcher at RISE.

Fredrik Arrhén

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