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Building elements

100 % fossil free construction boards and elements

In many wood-based construction products there are fossil-based components which make the products difficult to recycle. The purpose of this project is to reduce the climate impact from those elements by designing the product for recycling and achieve increased circularity.

New housings, especially the materials, account for a substantial climate impact. The project will develop methods for production of boards and building elements that are biobased, 100 % fossil-free and designed for re-use and recycling, with the purpose to reduce the climate impact.

In construction several elements are prefabricated and joined with other elements at the building site. The company IsoTimber manufactures and market elements where hollowed beams and plywood boards are made into building elements with good insulation properties and different bearing strength. These elements can be reused but if they are damaged, they are energy recycled through incineration. With a developed material design, recycling can take place in several steps and end up in nature instead. The project will evaluate the possibility of milling the elements and make wood fibre boards of them when they no longer are fitted for construction. When the fibre boards reach their end of life, in turn, the vision is that they can be milled and used as stable bedding and then, as a last step, degrade and nurture new plants.

RISE is coordinating the activities and contribute with knowledge in glue, wood, environment and standardisation as the processes are optimised and evaluated. Besides IsoTimber, Stora Enso and Moelven Vänerply participate in the project.  


Project name

100 % fossil free construction elements



RISE role in project

Coordination, research

Project start


2,5 years

Total budget

4 million SEK (appr. €400,000)


IsoTimber, Moelven Vänerply, StoraEnso



Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

8. Decent work and economic growth
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
Marielle Henriksson

Contact person

Marielle Henriksson

Projektledare, PhD

+46 10 516 62 58

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