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Meet our thesis students

At RISE, we welcome about 100 thesis students each year, across a wide variety of fields. Meet some of our thesis students who share their thoughts on why RISE is a good place to start a career.   

Jayendra Ellamathy

Master’s student in Embedded Systems at Uppsala University

“The advantages of working at RISE are manifold. I was mentored by researchers who are some of the best in the field of IoT and who have authored several high-impact papers. With the reputation of RISE, there were opportunities for my work to be used in commercial applications, as well as encouragement and guidance to convert the thesis into a research paper.”

Josefine Andersson

Master’s student in Biomedicine at LTH, Faculty of Engineering

“I chose to do my thesis at RISE because the project idea sounded very exciting and suitable for me and my education, and also because I want to continue working with research in the future. I have excellent supervisors at RISE and everyone is very friendly and helpful. Overall, the company culture feels welcoming and encouraging. Learning and curiosity seem to be a big part of everyone's work, and I, being very curious, really thrive in such an environment.”

Mohammadreza Mohammadi

Master’s student in ICT for Internet and Multimedia at University of Padua, Italy

“Doing my thesis at RISE meant an amazing opportunity for me to work with experts in the field of machine/deep learning, and to learn methods of research. I had extremely amazing colleagues who supported me, not only in my work but also when it came to living in Sweden, as I was new to Västerås and did not know the city. In summary, working at RISE was an incredible experience for me and I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues at RISE in the future.”